Launch Event

Friday november 10
at OX . Space Rotterdam

ARTEFACT Launch Event Release 01 at OX.Space

On Friday, November 10th, 19:00 - 23:00, we're celebrating the official release of the Artefact 01 series at OX.Space Rotterdam. During the event, the three artworks from the participating artists: Iwan Smit and Jim Mooijekind, will be unveiled to the public for the first time.

Artefact releases limited artist editions for a new generation of art lovers. Through our Artefact platform we support artists to explore the possibilities of new materials and to indulge in new creative processes. The first Artefact release is a series of three ceramic sculptures designed by Xaviera Altena, Jim Mooijekind and Iwan Smit.

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Interview with Iwan Smit

How did you experience working on a spatial object for your Artefact 01 release?

The three-dimensionality of an object always presents new challenges, especially when it needs to be produced. This offers possibilities but also limitations. Thinking about this, experimenting, and then executing it is something I greatly enjoy.

How does the creation of a sculpture relate to other parts of your work?

The relationship you establish with a spatial form is even more intense than when creating a painting. When creating a painting, I am constantly in search of the right composition, shape, and color. This involves a lot of sketching, overpainting, and readjusting. In the design of this vase, the process was similar, but while with a painting, you only consider the front, you now have a 360-degree view where I attempted to approach the subject from all angles as I'm accustomed to doing in my painting.

Did the creation of a spatial piece of art force you to approach your work in a different way?

For me, the challenge often lies in the quest for "less." It's tempting to want to show everything and thereby obscure your story, no matter how big or small the theme may be. For example, in the final stages of completing the "mother mold," I decided to change the image on the back of my subject. It's easy to lose sight of the purpose of your object; you want to show a lot, but in that mindset, you forget that what you're creating will serve as a vessel for something where much already is happening and is visible.

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