Launch Event

Friday november 10
at OX . Space Rotterdam

ARTEFACT Launch Event Release 01 at OX.Space

On Friday, November 10th, 19:00 - 23:00, we're celebrating the official release of the Artefact 01 series at OX.Space Rotterdam. During the event, the three artworks from the participating artists: Iwan Smit and Jim Mooijekind, will be unveiled to the public for the first time.

Artefact releases limited artist editions for a new generation of art lovers. Through our Artefact platform we support artists to explore the possibilities of new materials and to indulge in new creative processes. The first Artefact release is a series of three ceramic sculptures designed by Xaviera Altena, Jim Mooijekind and Iwan Smit.

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A brief convo with Jim Mooijekind about his upcoming release

How did you experience the process of creating your object for the Artefact 01 edition?

There is something truly liberating in translating sketches and ideas into our 3D world. The ability to walk around and interact with an artwork makes it much more integrated into our reality.

How does the creation of a spatial artwork like a vase relate to other parts of your work?

I mostly paint and draw in my studio. For this project, there are more people involved who collaborate and brainstorm with me, something I actually quite enjoy. Additionally, I like the idea that the vase might potentially take a prominent place in the middle of a room on a table, for example, as opposed to the rest of my work, which typically hangs on the wall.

Did creating a physical object force you to approach your work in a different way?

One of the opportunities that working with clay offers is the ease of making adjustments while the clay is still in its wet form. It's also a fantastic opportunity to contemplate the varying perspectives of my typically two-dimensional characters and symbols. Additionally, the interplay between the ever-changing flowers and the vase's design is something that is quite distinctive to this project.

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